Majnoni Baldovinetti History

The Florentine family Baldovinetti, in the early 15th century, established itself in Marti, where it was owner of land, buildings and a large manor, having long exercised a thriving agricultural activity. I quote, to exemplify, the cultivation of corn, grapes and olives (resulting in the production of flour, wine and oil), forestry, fruit trees, livestock breeding, etc. But in the mid-20th century, the political and social circumstances of the post-war (industrial development, crisis of cropsharing, fleeing workforce from agricolture to industry, etc ) forced the family to the focus of their activities.

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The Family Baldovinetti, following the marriage of the last female heir, from the 20th century, takes the name of Majnoni-Baldovinetti. Facing the difficulties caused by the war, the farm was in the need to “invent” new production and operations requiring massive investment. It was decided in 1945 to expand the agricultural activity so extending it to promising tobacco growing, so building the Tabaccaia, a very large building to dry tabacco.

It was only until around 1990 with the advent of the current conductors of the family farm Maria Pace Majnoni Baldovinetti and her husband Serghei Emili that they decided to invest in the renovation of some farm houses, for some time uninhabited, after having been for centuries the dwellings of the farmers. Due to the house being beautifully exposed in the Tuscan countryside, they have been modernized, restored maintaining unchanged the historical aspects and taste, but also providing them with swimming pool and a surrounding garden and offered for rent to anyone looking for quality properties for their holiday. Also recently we have turned our mind sto green energy and have invested in the production of clean energy by installing two solar fields, so to produce all the electrical energy needed to run the farm and farm houses etc. And also installed thermal solar for hot water production in the houses for rent, one of which instead of solar has a geothermic system for heating and cooling of the entire house.

So the Fattoria Majnoni Baldovinetti now can offer rural green ospitality, an extensive production of extra virgin olive oil certified as I.G.P. and with the arable land has tlooked to rent it to a group of farmers that produce foder for a Bio gas plant and the production of clean Energy. The remainder of the arable land we have planted 28 hectares of trees (Populars, oak, birch, cherry, apple, pear, walnut). We are now starting to harvest our woodland thus opening a new sector in forestry management.